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Scrap Glass

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Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, WILMINGTON CA

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Quantity Units Frequency
20 lbs Month
Price Funds Per Unit
1.78 USD ton
Mixed Scrap Glass - Mixed Scrap Glass. Mixed Scrap Glass may consist of container glass, plate glass, lab glass, May contain other inert materials including porcelain, china & dish warewindow glass with caulking or putty contaminated edges, May contain up to 5% clean brick, block, stone or sand in piece no larger than 3"x3"x3".Must be free of Mirror or CRT scrap or other leachable or non-inert materials.

WANTED : LW1229923
Shipping Pt. / Location: INDIA, MUMBAI 400067

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Quantity Units Frequency
5000 - -
Price Funds Per Unit
- - -
Clear/Flint Cullet - Cullets glass . I want to buy cullets glass Amber colour and transparent.

WANTED : LW1229886
Shipping Pt. / Location: EGYPT, THE RED SEA PORT

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Quantity Units Frequency
50000 ton Year
Price Funds Per Unit
38.03 USD ton
Clear/Flint Cullet - transparent flint Cullet. i need 50000 ton for such cullet (clear flint )

Shipping Pt. / Location: CANADA, CAMBRIDGE ON

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Quantity Units Frequency
90000 lbs One Time Only
Price Funds Per Unit
30.00 USD ton
1/8 inch Borosilicate - 1/8 inch Borosilicate. <0.25" Borosilicate Cullet derived from trim loss of glass tubing to produce industrial and lab Glass. All of this glass is packed in +- 2,000lbs super sacks and ready for prompt delivery.

File #:

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