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Fluorescent Light Recycling

Whole Scrap Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Whole Scrap Fluorescent Light Bulbs shall consist of whole~unbroken fluorescent light bulbs packaged for secure transportation for recovery purposes.

Assorted Broken Fluorescent Lights

Assorted Broken Fluorescent Lights shall consist of mixed or assorted fluorescent light bulbs. May be broken or damaged but must be containerized properly for secure transportation and handling.

1/8 inch Fluorescent Bulb Glass

1/8" Fluorescent Bulb Glass shall consist of processed fluorescent bulb glass sized to minus 1/8"(inch). Oversized metal components must be removed. All materials must be containerized securely.

Scrap Fluorescent Bulb Tailings

Scrap Fluorescent Bulb Tailings shall consist of rejects from fluorescent bulb processing and may include bulb ends/contact points.

Phosphor Powder Waste

Mercury Bearing Phosphor Powder recovered from fluorescent lamps

Scrap Fluorescent Light Ballasts

Scrap Fluorescent Light Ballasts shall consist of whole electrical ballasts from fluorescent lights

Fluorescent Light Scrap

Other Fluorescent Light Scrap shall consist of all other fluorescent light scrap not included in the listed grades.

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